Sögreni Wire Lock



Slim and Elegant Yet Durable

The wire lock is made of stainless steel plastic-covered wire (6 mm), with ends made into loops using an aluminium or copper fitting. You need powerful pliers to cut this wire. Remember, that most thefts of bicycles happen when people "borrow" a bicycle heading home from the pub. This is the answer.

Put the wire around a fence or a lamp post. Take one end of the wire and put it through the other. Lock this end together with your normal lock. Now your bicycle is safe, and the length of the wire makes daily handling easy.


  • Thieves will not bother touching your bicycle
  • Very strong steel wire that's very hard to cut
  • Lighter and longer than most other wires
  • Length: 1.5 m or 2.0 m

Fittings available in Aluminium and Copper