Refund policy

There are two different policies. If you really, really do not want the accessories you ordered, you are free to ship them back to us - but at your own expense. After they are safe and sound back at, we will ask the bank to return your money, with a difference of 25% for the extra handling. This only goes for returns within one week of receipt of the goods, and you must notify us by e-mail so we know to expect a return. Bicycles cannot be returned, as they are built especially and uniquely for each customer. Of course, if there are malfunctions or flaws on your bicycle, we will reimburse you. If the problem is small, such as a bolt being damaged during transportation, just tell us what happened and we will send you the missing or broken part asap free of charge. There is no need to ship the bicycle all the way to Copenhagen for smaller adjustments, you only need to do that if the bicycle is badly damaged . In the case of major malfunctions (this will not happen!), the Danish law of e-commerce applies, meaning that you have a 1-year free return policy, although you will have to pay for the shipping back to yourself. Danish e-commerce law also stipulates that you have a 1-year claim period, where you can ask us to send you parts that might break or come loose from the bicycle. This does not apply to punctures, handbrakes that need adjustment after a while, the chain breaking, worn-down brakes or similar. We cannot cover the cost of normal maintenance of your bicycle.