1. Your bicycle will last forever

Getting a Sögreni bicycle means getting a bicycle that lasts far longer than most bicycles on the market. That means that you won't have to buy a new one in two years, and that in turn means that you're saving big on the environment, as building and shipping a new bicycle costs far more in Co2 than caring for your old one. The longevity also means that your bicycle is really your bicycle. Over the years you will come to love your Sögreni, and see it as an integrated part of you, who you are, and how you get from A to B.

To back up our claim on the quality of an original Sögreni bicycle, we offer a no-frills 25-year corrosion guarantee against breakage of the frame.


2. Better than taking the car

When you ride your bicycle instead of using a car, you're not only getting where you want faster (approximately five times faster with the same energy expenditure as walking), you'll also be more safe and take up less space. On top of that, you will save heaps of money on both parking and gas fees and in turn save on the environment even more.


3. Undeniable health benefits

Riding a bicycle is fun, whether you're 5, 15 or 45. The fresh air and fitness effect prove healthy to more than just your heart and your muscles - riding a bicycle has been shown to alleviate stress better than many other cardiovascular activities. We think it's because riding a bicycle feels to natural, and who doesn't love to just let the wheels spin freely down a steep hill and simply enjoy the ride? Taking the bicycle to your workplace is also a great way to kick-off your day at the office; fresh and full of energy to meet the tasks ahead.


4. Customized to your wants and needs

An original Sögreni bicycle is customized exactly to your wants and needs. It is built to your body, your way of riding, and it looks just how you like it the best. Choose from several colors, coatings, finishes and accessories to make a Sögreni your Sögreni.


5. Gives you unlimited freedom

On a bicycle, you can get wherever you want in time. Riding a bicycle is faster than both cars and public transportation in most cities, and with the added benefit that you can park it right next to where you're going instead of walking from the parking lot, the time saving effect quickly becomes clear. A Sögreni bicycle gives you freedom to go wherever you want, when you want it.


6. Environmentally friendly

Let us make our world a cleaner and friendlier place together. Biking is truly zero-emmission transportation. People who ride bicycles are generally happier than people who don't, and who can blame them? Riding a bicycle, you also reduce air pollution in your local neighbourhood, and a bicycle needs less space for parking than a car - more space for playgrounds, green areas and spaces for people to meet and share city life.


7. Built by hand

All Sögreni bicycles are built in the heart of Copenhagen by hand. They are danish design at its best and most simplistic form. All bicycles are built from the finest materials available, which gives you unbeatable quality and value for your money. A normal bicycle is usually built by robots, where the welding is done quickly and the mounting of handles, gears, the saddle and everything else is done hastily and without precision. As each bicycle we make is built to one person and one person only, we can not afford to be shoddy.