Sögreni Chainguard



Simple and beautiful

The Sogreni Chainguard is an elegant way to protect your trousers from getting caught in the chain and enhances the sleek Sögreni style of your original Sögreni bicycle (or any other bicycle for that matter). The chainguard comes with all the fittings needed to mount it, and the mounting takes only a few minutes. Please notice, that the diameter of the frame tubes (the down tube and the seat tube) should be between 26 and 28 mm and these two tubes must be round, not oval.

The chainguard in stainless steel is recommended for bicycles in black or metallic colours. However, it can also work well with bicycles in strong colours. For muted colours we recommend the chainguard in brass.


  • Includes all the required fittings
  • Handmade in our shop in Copenhagen
  • Easy to mount
  • Three options: Copper, brass and stainless steel