Meet Mr. Lars, as he shows up at the shop in Skt Peders Stræde for a summer check-up of his Old Shatterhand bicycle, born in the summer of 2002. We notice the lack of rust, the well-kept overall finish and ask about what the secret is. And Lars answers “nothing”. “I have been riding this bicycle since I got it, through harsh winters and great summers. The only thing I did was giving the chain a litte oil from time to time, and I came back to the shop today to give it a check-up. Søren and his crew will maybe tighten a bolt or something, and add a little grease or so in a few places, but I could also be going for the next year or so without”.
How much do you use your bicycle on a daily basis, we ask. “Well I would say roughly 5 kilometres a day, sometimes more, sometimes less”. That makes about 20.100 kilometres in 11 years, give or take. And that is what you would use riding from Copenhagen to Rome and back again (1.530 kilometres each way) about 6 and a half times. Not bad!


June 17, 2013

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