We are always proud of all bicycles leaving the shop. We work on each and every one for weeks and weeks, assembling, putting together and adjusting into perfection. Then finally, they are ready to go and we carefully put them comfortably to rest for the journey – and this Sögreni Classic is going to Stockholm, Sweden. We get more and more requests for rusty – yes you read that one right – bicycles with rusty frames.

Well, not really totally rusty. We give them a round of wax, let the wax dry, another round and so on until the frame is sealed. Of course, a bicycle without paint needs some special care, but we do think that the result just might be worth the effort. This combination with Sögreni copper Fenders, copper Pedals and the copper Bell turned out just right! Over time, within a year or so, the copper details will turn darker, making the bicycle look as if done from the same material all over.

For this bicycle, we used a continuously variable gear. The picture did not turn out so good, but you might just get an idea of the design of the device. It works great, and gives you a bicycle with approximately 11 gears, but without any “fixed” shifting between gears.


March 03, 2013

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