Sögreni Terms of payment, delivery and other important conditions

1. Payment
All payments to sogreni.com are handled by the epay payment system, and verified and processed by Swedbank. This means that your payment is 100% safe and done by an encrypted code. Nobody (not even sogreni.com) will be able to access the credit card information you have given, we do not see your card number or CSS code. You get instant confirmation of your payment, and also an order ID sent to you by e-mail. Currently, we offer payment with VISA, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro credit cards. If you live in Denmark, you can not use your Dankort or VISA/Dankort. If you don't have one of these cards that we can process, you can still place an order with us. Place your order, and use your Dankort to pay. This payment will fail, but you will still get a confirmation e-mail from us with your order number. You will also see the total amount including shipping costs. Please transfer that amount to our bank account (RegNr 0440, KontoNr 3395227) and when transferring, please provide us with your order number. We will handle the order as soon as we have recieved your payment.

This is how you pay by any of these cards: You start by stating your card number and validation date. On the back of your card you have to look for a 3-digit number on the signature strip, the three last numbers. These digits are called the CVV-number. The CVV-number is an extra safety feature. After the payment has been processed, it will appear on your statement from your bank or credit card provider as Sogreni.com. All payments are made in Euro, and we are not responsible for the exchange rate used by your bank in your country. Please check the current exchange rate for your currency before ordering.

2. Confirmation and further communication
We will send an order ID to your email address. This email will contain a breakdown of your order, a confirmation of your payment and a unique order ID-number. If you need to contact us, please do so by e-mail, and please use the ID-number as subject line- this makes it easier for us to find your order, and will therefore allow us to give you a quicker response to your question. Please save the confirmation e-mail for future use.

3. Delivery time
If you ordered accessories, we will wrap and ship them asap. We use the Royal Danish Post for items up to 10 kilos, and a reliable Danish shipping company like DSV, Schenker or similar for items heavier than that. If we ship things within Europe, you will normally have the goods within 2-4 days. Outside of Europe takes a little longer, and normally to the US, please allow a week or two. The same goes for the rest of the world, but if you live far from major delivery hubs, well, delivery time might take from a week to 14 working days. As soon as you place an order for a bicycle, we get working to produce the bicycle exactly according to your wishes. Normally, if we have all parts in stock, we will need from 8 to 12 weeks to send the frame to the paint shop, select the best delta-treated metal parts from the oven, put all parts together, check everything, regrease a few parts, adjust some small stuff...until we finally take it for a test ride. If things go wrong at some point or we discover a detail that does not live up to our standards, delivery time will be longer. We ship it including a certificate saying that this bicycle was finally assembled and checked in the shop on the so-and-so date. So from ordering until delivery, do not count on anything less than 8 weeks, probably longer. That is the way we do it, to assure you of the highest possible quality. We use different types of shipping, but we strive for the most economical and sustainable types: within Europe we send by train if possible, overseas we ship by sea if possible. It is impossible for us to determine and influence the whole method of transportation, but we do try do make it as C02-friendly as possible.

4. Shipping: Costs and Insurance
For smaller items like a bell, a set of lamps or a trouser clip, we simply put the item into a padded envelope or a small carbon box, and ship it. For bicycles and all shipments above 10 kilos, insurance is included for the entire journey, from the moment the items or bicycle leave Skt Peders Stræde until you sign for it or have it delivered from your local post office. Especially for the US and Canada, all items are sent recommended. It makes shipping a little more expensive, but that is the way we have chosen, due to a few incidents where items were lost during handling. If the goods turn up damaged, please contact us, or better still, please tell the local post office representative or Schenker representative right away that the goods is damaged and have them ship it back to us. Do not sign for the goods if damaged. If there is damage to the cardboard box, check that everything is OK by opening before signing. We will get a report from the shipping company or the local postal service, and our insurance will pay for the next shipment. This also goes for things missing in transportation, not only for damaged goods. The further from Denmark we have to ship the goods, the higher the cost. The exact cost of shipping will be calculated for you before hitting "Go to Checkout". We have shipping rates ready for about 150 countries and territories. If your shipping address does not appear on the list, or if you have specific enquiries about the shipping cost for your country or territory, please send us an e-mail: info(at)sogreni(dot)dk. We will send the goods directly to the address given on your order.

5. How we wrap things up
Accessories are put into a cardboard box, sealed with tape and to make sure items not are damaged during transportation, we fill the boxes with packing materials. Bells are placed in a small box. Lamps come in a special cardboard box. Bicycles are put into a giant cardboard box, and also protected by various packing materials, and other protective measures. We have to turn the handlebar sideways to ship the bicycle, but it is easy for you to turn it back into place again. All bicycles are also delivered with mounted pedals, but they are mounted inwards, so you need to unscrew them, turn them around and put them back again in place. They should stay on the same side as mounted, do not switch the sides. All other accessories you might have ordered, as the Sögreni Bell, the Sögreni Lamps or other accessories, are mounted on the bicycle. If you order a bicycle with a range of accessories, we might e-mail you and ask you how and if you want them mounted or not. We always use the most environmentally friendly way of packaging all items, but of course without risking damaging the goods. All shipments from sogreni.com come with a copy of your order for you to match against the content. If anything is missing, please let us know, even though we always check twice that everything is as ordered.

6. Return policy: if things go wrong
There are two different policies. If you really, really do not want the accessories you ordered, you are free to ship them back to us - but at your own expense. After they are safe and sound back at sogreni.com, we will ask Swedbank to return your money, with a difference of 25% for the extra handling. This only goes for returns within one week of receipt of the goods, and you must notify us by e-mail so we know to expect a return. Bicycles cannot be returned, as they are built especially and uniquely for each customer. Of course, if there are malfunctions or flaws on your bicycle, we will reimburse you. If the problem is small, such as a bolt being damaged during transportation, just tell us what happened and we will send you the missing or broken part asap free of charge. There is no need to ship the bicycle all the way to Copenhagen for smaller adjustments, you only need to do that if the bicycle is badly damaged . In the case of major malfunctions (this will not happen!), the Danish law of e-commerce applies, meaning that you have a 1-year free return policy, although you will have to pay for the shipping back to sogreni.com yourself. Danish e-commerce law also stipulates that you have a 1-year claim period, where you can ask us to send you parts that might break or come loose from the bicycle. This does not apply to punctures, handbrakes that need adjustment after a while, the chain breaking, worn-down brakes or similar. We cannot cover the cost of normal maintenance of your bicycle.

7. If you don't pick up your goods
If you do not pick up the dispatched goods, and the postal service or the shipping company sends it back to us, you will have to pay for another shipment. So please pick it up.

8. Secure payments
Sogreni.com uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a protocol for secure transmission of data over the Internet (or other networks). A protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how data are to be handled. The SSL protocol has been developed by the company Netscape Communications and is now an industry standard for secure transmissions. SSL protocol processes the data in several different ways for the purpose of making it unreadable to malicious third parties. The processing is called encryption. When the data is received by the recipient SSL reprocesses (decrypts) it again to make it readable to the recipient and a check is made to ensure that the sender of the data is the valid one (Server authentication). It also checks that the data have not been changed during transmission (Message integrity). SSL uses digital certificates to validate sender, recipient or both sender and recipient of the data transfer. A digital certificate is the "tool" that is used to tie the information about an individual or a company to a so called "public key". This key has two purposes: All SSL certificates for Internet use are handled by companies that are certified as certificate creators (or authorities). This means that all SSL-certificates are unique and correct. Everyone applying for a SSL-certificate has to prove their identity or validate their company to be able to purchase the certificate. The only demand for customers is that they have a web browser that can use SSL.The most common web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, are all able to do this.

9. Legal aspects
All aspects of the relationship between you (the customer) and sogreni.com are under the jurisdiction of Danish law, and if we should have to go to court, this would be in Copenhagen (Sø- og Handelsretten). The usage of bicycles or any accessories such as lamps, bells etc. is the users own responsibility, and sogreni.com cannot be held responsible for any damage, accidents, personal injury or fines caused by the usage of these products. Please check local regulations before entering traffic. Riding a bicycle is a safe way of transportation, if you ride responsibly, but please refrain from going on motorways, riding against the traffic, at night in poor lighting conditions or in any other unsafe environments. As with all means of personal transportation, in 99% of accidents and injuries, it is the driver and not the vehicle that causes the accident. Wearing a helmet is strongly advised. Never ride your bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ride safely, and enjoy your Sögreni bicycle and accessories for many happy years to come.