Sögreni Straight Handlebar



The Sögreni straight handlebar is available in a matte or glossy aluminium finish. It weighs no more than 220 grams, and has a diameter of 22,2 mm.

It will fit all modern bicycle accessories like standard gear shifters, brakes and handles.

Most people will notice that they gain a little extra control of their bicycle with this handlebar, and depending on the distance from the saddle, many experience a more mountain-bike like handling and position.

The handlebar comes without mounted handles (but the Sögreni Leather Grips fit just like a glove, just for your information).

The original handlebar is 596 mm long, but if you want us to cut it for you, please choose so and tell us exactly how long it should be. Just leave a remark during the checkout process.


  • Add a little Sögreni design to your existing bicycle
  • Very lightweight yet strong
  • Suits all standard bicycles and accessories