In theory: If you want a bicycle to last forever, well then you should use the best kind of, and heaviest type of steel frame, right? And then, you should add 3 og 5 or even more layers of paint, right? Yeah, you could, and normally we paint the frame two or even more times, and protect all visible and non-visible parts with the Delta-treatment. On this one we did the Delta treatment, but choose to let the frame…rust. Yes, that is right, this very special bicycle, a three-gear Young Shatterhand with a luggage carrier has a rusty frame.

The buyer opted for this, and it turned out well. To keep the bicycle from smearing pants, white shirts and small fluffy white dogs that just might happen to pass by, we have given it a few rounds of wax. A lot of wax, letting the wax dry in-between rounds. As you might tell, this buyer runs a website,, and we strongly suggest a visit. It has texts in other languages than Danish, like English, German and Spanish.

If you also would like a sign in brass like this one on your bicycle, please let us know. It is possible to get for a few hundrede euros, depending on materials and design.

October 28, 2013

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