Patrick is a marketing executive living in Copenhagen but originally from beautiful Switzerland. Usually, you can find him travelling by bicycle from his home in the central part of the city to the brewery where he works. Daily, he rides about 20 kilometres, and mostly in the city.

We captured him just as he heads off on his first first ride on his new Sögreni Young Shatterhand.

Hey Patrick! Why did you choose a Sögreni?
Well, most of all I was just so happy to find a bicycle that really was Danish design. You can see it in every detail, in the way things are designed and work, but most of all, it’s the simplicity of the bicycle. I asked Søren if he could build a bicycle which was “reduced to the maximum” – and I think he did pretty well. I also guess the fact that I don’t need to think about corrosion for the next very many years is a nice thought.

Tell us about your options – what did you choose and why?
I first thought about a fixed or single speed bicycle, but ended up with three gears anyway – it’s sort of nice to have, even in this flat city. As I ride in the city, I wanted extra security, so we added a front drum brake. I also chose the Sögreni pedals in steel and copper. And as you see, that’s about that. This custom bicycle is reduced to the maximum, but still rough enough for my daily transportation needs.

September 18, 2011

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