Sögreni is a pround member of CPHmade, and in their own words, CPHmade is “Copenhagen hosts a subculture of quite distinct manufacturing companies that produce a range of astonishing products in the heart of the city. CPHmade has the honor to represent all these fine companies.

We are on a quest to celebrate great local craftsmanship. To show the world that not all products come with a ‘Made in China’ label. And because we think that our members are unique in many ways – history, product quality and fine service – we want to bring them to your attention and show that Copenhagen is much more than The Little Mermaid”.

On November the 17th, various members of CPHmade gathered at Pressen, a part of Danish daily newspaper Politiken. There was fantastic things and product to see, touch, experience and taste – including handmade shoes, powerful motorcycles, licorice and some really fantastic hats! There will be another Market Day during 2013 – wouldn’t that be a great excuse for a visit to Copenhagen?



January 24, 2013

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