Andy is an old friend of and employee at Sögreni, and a few months ago he came along, bringing along an old bicyle frame and a few parts, probably about fifty years old or so. Andy wanted us to restore and build a completely new bicycle out of this heap of…interesting bicycle parts, and this is the result!

The perfect transportation machine for the city, where you easily can get home with your child sitting in front, and a big load of groceries in the same time. Notice the rims painted in the same colour as the frame, that detail really makes this bicycle truly elegant. And it might be hard to see, but there is also an electric engine hidden in the central metal box.

If you have a dream about some crazy or just unique bicycle that you want to come true, well everything is possible. Just send us an e-mail. Andy’s bicycle took about 12 weeks all in all from start to finish.


June 22, 2014

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